My kryptonite and an updated Forgotten

I mentioned in a previous post that promotion is my kryptonite (to be specific I know what I have to do, but I don’t feel comfortable doing it). I want to discuss that in a little more detail, and I want to discuss something about my book that relates to it. Maybe what I have to say will help others out there that have a similar problem feel as though they’re not as alone as they might imagine they are.

Having dyslexia taught me to be quiet in case I said or wrote something that made sense to me but didn’t make sense to other people. The fear I had of tripping over my words held me back from publishing my novel because of the worry that it wouldn’t make sense. Reassurances by people that have read it, and having it professionally edited, didn’t make that fear disappear but it did make me determined to push it aside. Now I face the same fear, only its when I’m writing on my blog, or replying to someone on Shelfari (or Facebook, or Twitter). It is easier to not say anything at all, but it makes promoting a book difficult.



Writing Progress & Stats

This post is all about my writing progress and stats, hence, the subject title.

Number of WIP’s: Too many, okay, from plotting to actual finished, around eight
Number of WIP’s Finished: One, and I am editing that now, got around another twelve chapters to go
WIP’s (Stand alone or series): Apart the non-fiction most of the novels are part of a series I am planning, all other works would probably have a sequel or be part of a trilogy
 Type of Novels I write: Apart from two non-fiction books all my other WIP’s are YA Urban Fantasy/Supernatural/Paranormal

Type of Novels/Books I read: Like above YA Urban Fantasy/Supernatural/Paranormal but I also like to read classics like Wuthering Heights or real-life books on the Titanic.

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