Birthdays, Blogs, Fear Street & Strange Fate

Yesterday I received a Kindle 3 (which is perfect), I haven’t given it a full test drive yet but it is just so pretty that I want to keep in the bx and admire its beauty. I have had a Kindle 2 that I bought from eBay but that had a faulty screen so even though I liked it I never really saw the Kindle’s full potential. I also got E63 phone which I have used a little bit and I have to say that it is by far the best phone I have ever used. It’s sleek, easy to use, and the best thing is that it has Facebook, Youtube & Adobe PDF Pre-installed. The camera is also good but I haven’t really tested that out yet but when I do I will post the results. If you haven’t guessed and why would you because I haven’t mentioned it but yesterday was my birthday and I feel so loved by all the people that have given me birthday wishes. Thanks to you all 🙂

Recently, I had an heart to heart with my sister regarding my writing & what direction I want to take in regards to publishing my novels. I am still going the Indie route but the problem I was stressing over was the paperback edition of my novel which I hope to release early next year. But my sister pointed out that I really should focus on the ebook edition since that will be released first, which I did hope to release 31st October but due to me putting the cart before the horse I really don’t think that will be possible but I will try to get out the ebook edition before December.

Even though, I still have a lot to do before the ebook is released I have also achieved a lot due to the fact of my obsessing. I have purchased my domain name & now my website is in the first stages of been designed, I have decided after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing what to name my series, my book cover is coming together and the mock ups look amazing. There is still a long way to go but I am getting there. My sister as being my rock through all this and I can’t thank her enough for all the help and support she is giving me.

Blogs You Should Read

In deciding to go the Indie route I have been reading some blogs and these are my choices that you should check out.

1: The Book Designer – This is a great book design site with loads of helpful posts. A must read for anyone interested in book design, fonts & typograpgy, publishing.

2: A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing – This is the blog of author Joe Konrath and he writes informative & thought provoking blogs about his success with ebooks.

3: Self-Publishing Adventure – This is the blog of Indie author Sarah Ettritch and is very helpful for indie authors from Canada as she gives a Canadian perspective.

4: CATHERINE, CAFFEINATED – This is the blog of Irish Indie author Catherine Ryan Howard and you should check out her section entitled Self-Printing.

5: POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing – This is the blog of Irish author Mick Rooney and his blog is a goldmine of information and reviews associated to all things POD, Independent or Self-Publishing.

I also want to mention a blog post about ebook pricing from Moses Siregar III which is another thought-provoking and well worth a read.

And lastly on the blog front I want to mention a blog called Shadyside Snark. It is a cleverly & snarky review site for novels from R. L. Stine YA series Fear Street. You should also check out Fear Street as well which is along the same vein. If you were/are a fan of the series and you feel nostalgic then you should take a walk down memory lane and these witty reviews.

Strange Fate Update

For any L. J. Smith/Nightworld fans I have been checking out the release and I am sad to announce that it has been pushed back again to July 2012 for both US & UK release.


New Website Alert!

I have made a new website, well, actually it is a forum but the main thing is that I made it especially for Indie Authors and it is called Indie Writers Haven.

But everyone is welcome to look and (hopefully) join. 🙂

Also, if I have interviewed you here then you will get most exposure because your interview will also be appearing over at the forum.

Indie Writers Haven

New Developments

Finally, things are coming together regarding the behind the scenes work that I need to do regarding my novels, and I am delighted to tell you that hopefully my website will be live a month before my book launch, and I love the design of it and I hope that you guys will love it too. I also want to thank my wonderful sister who is helping me with all this, she is the best!

Another new development that will come later this year is that my store will have at least two sections and maybe even three, I can’t really give much away now but I hope that everyone will like what I have planned.

One other thing that I want to blog about is that I have found out that when I buy a kindle book it is cheaper because I only pay vat (Value Added Tax) now on a book and not the whispernet $2.00 charge, so thank you Kindle you just keep on getting better and better.

Publishing101: Going Indie

As you can tell from my previous posts I am very sporadic at updating this blog, it is something I am trying to work on but I tend to blog when I feel the need to say something and a couple of things happened in the past couple of weeks which inspired me to write this post.

The first thing was a thread on the Kindleboards entitled “Getting rid of the indie stigma”, I found some of the posts were very interesting and the second thing was that I got an email from musician called Jason Manns, which was very unexpected and I might as well give him a quick plug and say that his second album “Soul” has just been released, so I hope that you check it out.

Anyway, these two events got me thinking about my decision to publish and the road I have decided to go down. Now, I think going Indie is the best thing for me and this choice might not be for everyone but you have to define your goals and choose the right path for your book. I have a motto which is: Anything is possible and that you should never give up on your dreams!

As I said in a previous post I know that going Indie will be hard not just because of all the work involved but also because for some strange reason if you want to go Indie and you’re a writer then you may have to deal with the stigma which really isn’t the case if you’re a musician or a film-maker but if you’re a writer then you are normally unfairly labelled an amateur or that your work is bad because you didn’t go the commercial route. Now, with all things there are good & bad, but I do think that is it wrong just to label something bad because of the way it was published. I have read some outstanding indie novels and I am proud to have them in my book collection, I am glad that these authors made their work available and I am hoping that I will have the pleasure of interviewing a new indie author, Michelle H, some time in the future and I have already interviewed Stefanie Ellis, author of the Gray Area Series, her interview can be found here.

So, I suppose the question I want to ask is: Why the stigma if you’re an indie author? If you do your homework & produce the best book you can then should it really matter if your book is a Lulu instead of a Random House or a Createspace instead of a Simon & Schuster. I know that others will disagree but at the end of the day you should do what you feel comfortable with and if you write an amazing book then that should be want counts.

Publishing101: And so my journey begins…

On the 4th March it was World Book Day and I thought that it would be a good day to announce that I am going to be published.

But I am getting ahead myself and I should really go back to the beginning of this journey. When I started my ITS series many moons ago, I thought that the only way I would ever get my novel(s) in print would be if I got an agent who took a percentage and then sell it on to a publisher. Now, this was years ago and I was inexperienced and knew absolutely nothing about the publishing industry. If I am honest I don’t know much now but one thing I have learned over the years (and I learn new things everyday) is that I have options.

From just one option, which I thought was the commercial route, now I have several options and I can pick the publishing route for me. I haven’t always been this sure about my publishing path. I started my novel on a typewriter which I wanted to throw out of the window after just writing ten pages. But I am much more comfortable in with pen & paper and then copying everything to the computer, it’s a longer process but it is one that I feel is right for me.

I then started to ask myself the following questions:

Which agent do I query? Do I submit to publishers directly?

Those questions and a whole lot more were racing through my mind at a mile a minutes. So, I went into research mode and started to read/buy books that would help (this one is a good place to start) and I started the Internet. In turn, I realized that I only really liked/would trust two commercial publisher and three agents, which kind of limits the commercial route. But the great thing with research is that it opens doors that you never thought of opening. Okay, so commercial publishing was seeming more & more unlikely for me. But as I researched I kept on coming across a company called 1st Book Library (which is now called Authorhouse). When I found this company I thought, “Yes, my prayers have been answered.” The only thing I didn’t like was the price they were asking. Luckily, this was back in 2002 and I hadn’t even finished the rough draft let alone all the edits. So, I slowly pushed the Authorhouse idea to the back of my mind and started to focus once again on my writing.

I finished book one of the ITS series on 31st March 2006 but over the past four years apart for ill health I have gone through sporadic episodes of editing, rewriting and procrastination. The latter was/is what I do the most but a weird thing happened because I wasn’t physically writing/researching/editing my novel I was starting to research (again) about what would happen when the novel was completely completed.

I was already of the mind that I was on my second strike and it seemed that my options were getting less and less. That is when the idea of me becoming an Indie Author started to sound appealing, now, different people have different ways to describe what an Indie Author is… Some say that an Indie Author is someone that does everything themselves aka self-publish. While others say that an Indie Author is someone that uses tools available to put out a book. In both cases the bottom line is that you (the author) has full control. Having control over my novel(s) appeals to me, I know my limitations and at the end of the day you have to do what you feel is right for our book as well as yourself.

So, now it is 2010 and I know the journey I am going to undertake is going to be hard but if Frodo could make it to Mount Doom then I can do this (I just have to be extra wary of cave trolls & orcs *lol*)

It helps a lot that there are some amazingly talented Indie Authors out there that write helpful blog posts. Two such blogs are: Transmissions From The Exosphere which can be found here & Annotated Horror which can be found here, both are well worth a read.

I tell all my friends that whatever their dream is… They should keep reaching no matter what.

If you would like to read After Ann by F. P. Adriani you can buy it here. or De Bello Lemures, Or The Roman War Against the Zombies of Armorica
By Lucius Artorius Castus, Thomas Brookside from here (paperback) & here (Kindle).

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