Forgotten going free (Monday 18th June only)

I know that this is late notice but tomorrow (18th June 2012) my novel, Forgotten, will be free on Kindle through all Amazons for one day only. I decided late Saturday night to make it free and like I said in a previous post I will report back any stats sometime Tuesday.

But don’t worry if you miss tomorrow’s “Monday Freebie” as there will be others throughout the summer. I also want to mention that I am in the Kindle lending library so if you’re in the US, and you are a prime member, you can borrow my book for free.

Here are the links to the various Amazons again. Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain & Amazon Italy.

Now, on to something I should have mentioned last week but clean forgot and that is that I have a beautiful new website, available to view at Catherine Gardiner. I hope that you pop over, take a look around, and stay a while. 🙂

And lastly, next week (probably Thursday) I have a special post. Now, I don’t want to disappoint anyone as it’s probably just me getting over excited over nothing, but some of you might find the post interesting. 🙂


Back to writing & Strange Fate release dates

Two days ago I said that I would do blog properly when all the excitement has died down, well, the champagne has been drunk and now it is back to writing book two of the In The Shadows series and another project I am working on at the moment.

So, I have been published writer for only a couple of days and I have to admit that I am still getting to grips with everything. Updating my author central pages and trying to get word out about my book. Anyway, I wrote about my book in this post but it didn’t have any of the buying info. So, if you are interested in YA Paranormal about two sisters and you want to support a new writer then you can find the novel at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain & Amazon Italy.

Here are the release dates for Strange Fate by L.J.Smith that I promised I would post.

Strange fate

US – (Hardback 2030) – 20th October 2012
UK – Hardback (Feb 2014)
Germany – Hardback (Dec 31 2030)
Canada – Hardback (Dec 31 2030)

Okay, that 2030 release date obviously is a mistake so I am not really sure when it will be released but the Feb 2014 date looks promising and the audio book this October I don’t see how that can be released in the next few month’s but the hardback will take another year and four month’s that just doesn’t make sense. If the dates change I will post an update. 🙂

Author Interview: Marcia Colette

Title: BitterSweet
Author: Marcia Colette
Publisher: Various

Books And Bites: Congratulations on the publication of “Bittersweet”! Tell me a little about it—what’s your pitch?

Marcia: Thank you! As for Bittersweet, life wouldn’t be so bad for seventeen-year-old Phaedra Thorne if schizophrenia and psychokinesis didn’t run in the family. With her supernaturally insane mother locked away in the attic and Phae left to take care of her six-year-old sister, things couldn’t get any worse, right? Tell that to her estranged, older brother who decides to return home with an incubus for a cure.

BAB: No two authors seem to take the same route to publication, but almost every author has an interesting story about their journey. Care to share yours?

Marcia: Mine started about six years ago. My agent decided to specialize in only nonfiction, meaning all of us fiction writers were getting dumped. At one point, I had heard about a small ebook company called Double Dragon Publishing, but ebooks were about as mysterious to me as the identity of Jack the Ripper. Still, I decided to give them a shot with my half-werewolf urban fantasy, since they had a new imprint that was looking for stuff like that. Next thing I knew, they had sent me an email wanting to publish my book. Ever since then, it’s been bumpy, but every book got me closer to my ultimate goal–or so I thought. To land a NY contract. Then, this self-publishing thing came along. I wasn’t quick to jump on the bandwagon because I wanted more data. At the same time, there were so many agent and
editor requests for fulls of Bittersweet that I had lost track.
Unfortunately, those who liked it didn’t know how to market it and those who claimed they loved it still found reasons to say no. So, I decided to stop submitting it and self-publish it. I *so* don’t regret the decision. I would’ve regretted it more had I let Bittersweet fester under my cyber bed.

BAB: How did you get the idea for your novel?

Marcia: I wanted to write a YA, but had no clue about where to start. I knew there had to be telekinesis involved because I’ve always been fascinated by stories like that. Then, I started to think about my teenage years. There had been many times I wanted to lock my mother in the attic or the basement, but for me to do that, it would have to be a really good reason. If Mom was a danger to everyone, then that would be enough. From there, Bittersweet unfolded.

BAB: Do you have another book in the works?

Marcia: Yes. It’s an urban fantasy called *The Spider Inside Her* and that will be released next month. It’s about a curse that causes a demon spirit to in habit my heroine’s body and turn her into an avenging human spider who’s more like the *Terminator *once her prey has been targeted.

BAB: Your current novel, Bittersweet, is marketed as a young adult novel. Did you originally set out to write a YA novel?

Marcia: Yes. My teenage nieces talked me into it.

BAB: Who is your favorite character? Why?

Marcia: I think Phaedra is awesome. I’d love to have her powers, though I’d prefer a little more control. I love Nadia, her six-year-old sister, too. Nadia is so innocent in all this, but she knows exactly what’s going on, even if everything thinks she’s too young or doesn’t notice. In fact, she’s been around Phaedra for so long that knows when her sister’s powers are about to slip out of control. If there were a hard hat in sight, she’d be the first one to grab it and wait out her older sister’s telekinetic storm.

BAB: When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

Marcia: After I had read everything I could get my hands on by Laurell K. Hamilton. At the time, The Laughing Corpse was the latest thing on the shelves.

BAB: In writing, Bittersweet, what was your most surprising discovery?

Marcia: That Phaedra would ask for Mason’s help. The main guy she wanted to throw under the bus and use as a speed bump, he was the only one available who knew her family secret and who could help her mom.

BAB: What’s your writing routine? Do you write in the mornings, nights, daily, or when the mood strikes you?

Marcia: I write whenever I have time. Some times I’ll use my lunch break to write and other times, I’ll write after my one-year old has gone to bed. My favorite writing time is about 6am on the weekends when I get the bulk of my work done.

BAB: What experience did you have with publishing to the Kindle? Good? Bad?

Marcia: It wasn’t too bad. The part I hate the most is when you update something as simple as a tag, your book goes into this 24-48 hour holding pattern. Although, it feels more like 72-hours. I’m about the release the print version of Bittersweet, and I have to say, CreateSpace was less agonizing.

BAB: If you had to pick one author as your favorite, who would it be?

Marcia: Kelley Armstrong hand’s down. She is my favorite adult urban fantasy author. If I had to choose YA urban fantasy, they Richelle Mead in a heartbeat.

BAB: Finally, thank you for taking part in this interview. Before you go, what message would you like to send to your fans?

Marcia: Be on the lookout for DISAPPEARANCE HALL, which I hope to put out this summer. This will be my first foray into the New Adult arena, and I’m looking forward to it.

Available from Kindle (US), Kindle (UK) & Barnes & Nobel.

You can find more info on Marcia at her website or Blog.

The little things that inspire

This update is going to be very short and to the point.

Catherine Ryan Howard is an inspiration!

Don’t believe me? Just check out her recent blog post.

Ebooks the tipping point

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Author Interview: Leslie Ann Dennis

Title: Reason To Believe
Author: Leslie Ann Dennis
Publisher: Various

Books and Bites: Congratulations on the publication of your novel! Tell me a little about it – what’s your pitch?

Leslie Ann Dennis: Hello, IWH! Thanks so much for taking time to interview me. It’s great to be here. In my contemporary romance, REASON TO BELIEVE, my heroine, Lane Douglas is a die-hard realist, completely opposite of her superstitious grandfather who tells her he will die if a tree planted long ago in his honor in Scotland is chopped down. But when her grandfather’s health starts a downward slide, Lane hops on a plane and flies across the ocean to convince the landowner to spare the old, diseased oak. To her surprise the landowner is a devilishly handsome man named Conlan MacGregor. Practical Lane came prepared for a fight to save a silly tree, but she soon finds herself fighting to save her heart from falling under the magical charms of the hunky laird of Wolfscrag castle.

BAB: No two authors seem to take the same route to publication, but almost every author has an interesting story about their journey. Care to share yours?

LAD: When I was about twenty-five, I landed a big NY Agent who was a former editor of one of the BIG houses, and she got an editor at Silhouette interested in my story. Sadly, my agent worked at the pace of a snail and took off to the Catskills every chance she got (this was long before cell phones and she couldn’t be reached there). When I finally got word of changes I needed to make immediately in order to sell the story, I rushed through the changes and sent them back to my agent who, as an ex-editor, told me it was necessary for her to RE-edit everything. It took three months for her to send the revisions back to me, I worked on them day and night and sent them back within weeks only to have her wait three more months to send it on to the editor and guess what? The editor had already left the house. I wound up firing my agent, getting a “real” job and giving up on my dream for many years. I started back writing seriously in 2000. In 2003 I took a couple of First Place honors in various RWA-sponsored contests and had an editor asking to see the full story. Then, my brother passed away suddenly and my whole family was devastated. I finally crawled back to the keyboard and tried again in 2005, revising an older story and selling it to a small publisher in 2007.

BAB: How did you get the idea for your novel?

LAD: Funny story… I had a golden retriever at the time named Jessie. She was absolutely lost if she didn’t have some scrap of paper in her mouth when she ran around the house. One day, she ran up to me and had what looked like a postage-paid card where you could order a magazine subscription. When I took it from her, it was actually an invitation to buy a tree in Scotland. The wheels in my head started turning fast and before long, I had an entire book plotted in my head centered around the idea of a tree being planted in honor of a loved one

BAB: Do you have another book in the works?

LAD: As a matter of fact, I do! After folks started purchasing, REASON TO BELIEVE, I began receiving inquiries from readers asking if I was going to give the hero’s sister and brother their own stories. Currently, I’m working on Bayard’s (the brother) story.

BAB: How did you get the inspiration for characters?

LAD: Interesting question. I wish I had a solid answer for you. The strangest things will inspire me, like how an actress looked in a fedora or the scene from a movie, or even a deodorant commercial. It’s strange because there’s no set thing or person that comes to mind when I’m creating my characters, it’s mainly just a hodge-podge of thoughts and ideas and memories that round out the whole.

BAB: Who is your favorite character? Why?

LAD: Conlan, the hero. He’s so likable. Male or female, he seems the type of person who’d be a kick to hang out with and listen to his stories.

BAB: When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

LAD: Unlike most writers I know, I didn’t always just “know” I wanted to write. I didn’t make up little stories about my Barbie and Ken or how Pooh escaped the 100 acre woods. I did, however, love creative writing class when everyone else grumbled all the way through it. I was a happy reader for most of my life, leaving the writing to others…until I started envisioning the story going in completely different directions than the author had written. I constantly thought “what if…?” and before long, I was trying my hand at penning my own novel.

BAB: In writing your books, what was your most surprising discovery?

LAD: Probably how difficult writing actually is. Even the simple scenes. I had a friend cross-stitch the following and it’s hanging above my computer: “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” — Nathaniel Hawthorne

BAB: What’s your writing routine? Do you write in the mornings, nights, daily, or when the mood strikes you?

LAD: I wish I had a routine. Since I work, writing happens most when I can find the time. Mainly it happens at night and into the wee hours of the morning. Many times it happens when my characters wake me with some crazy idea they want to implement and I have no choice but to get up and write their scene. (Seriously, they give me no peace until I get it written)

BAB: What experience did you have with your publisher? Good? Bad?

LAD: I haven’t had BAD experiences at all. The only real drawbacks I found were the lack of publicity I received and how small the royalty payout was after sharing it between all the others involved.

BAB: How was your experience publishing on the Kindle?

LAD: It’s been excellent! I give a lot of thanks to the other indie authors who were so patient and kind to me when I was asking a billion questions about how to do this and that. I am very thankful too that Amazon is allowing us to publish this way for the Kindle. It’s an awesome step forward IMHO.

BAB: If you had to pick one author as your favorite, who would it be?

LAD: Richard Matheson has been my favorite author for many, many years. I recently learned he’s also Stephen King’s favorite. I guess that means something, huh? 🙂 Runner up is Brenda Joyce. I love her romances.

BAB: Finally, thank you for taking part in this interview. Before you go, what message would you like to send to your fans?

LAD: I’d love to hear from anyone who reads my book or has an interest in my stories. I thank them all SO MUCH. I would like to take a moment to invite them to visit my website: Leslie Ann Dennis and join me on twitter (I’m leslie_dennis there)

Available from Kindle (US) & Kindle (UK).

This Interview can also found at: Indie Writers Haven

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