July Stats & Book Ideas

It’s that time again where I report my sales to those who are interested. Doesn’t the time go by quickly? It’s amazing that we’re already in August and only a week ago I read something about Christmas; in my opinion, it’s far too early to be thinking about that just yet… We have to get through summer first, then autumn, Halloween (or Samhain if you prefer), and Guy Fawkes Night. If you haven’t heard of the last one it’s otherwise known as Bonfire Night which is celebrated on the 5th November in some Commonwealth countries and, as I’m English, I will be celebrating along with everyone else… okay, you got me, the real reason I’m excited is because I like the family tradition of eating jacket potatoes with cheese on top, and hot dogs, and I love watching the firework displays. All of this to enjoy and celebrate before I can even think about Christmas, snowmen, or reindeers.



My kryptonite and an updated Forgotten

I mentioned in a previous post that promotion is my kryptonite (to be specific I know what I have to do, but I don’t feel comfortable doing it). I want to discuss that in a little more detail, and I want to discuss something about my book that relates to it. Maybe what I have to say will help others out there that have a similar problem feel as though they’re not as alone as they might imagine they are.

Having dyslexia taught me to be quiet in case I said or wrote something that made sense to me but didn’t make sense to other people. The fear I had of tripping over my words held me back from publishing my novel because of the worry that it wouldn’t make sense. Reassurances by people that have read it, and having it professionally edited, didn’t make that fear disappear but it did make me determined to push it aside. Now I face the same fear, only its when I’m writing on my blog, or replying to someone on Shelfari (or Facebook, or Twitter). It is easier to not say anything at all, but it makes promoting a book difficult.


I never thought this day would come

After another break in updating this blog, due to final edits, I am happy to announce that I now officially say I am a published writer. It has been a long road and there as been times where I really wanted to give up but I am glad that I never did.

Writing a book is hard, writing a book when you suffer from dyslexia well that is like climbing a mountain with no shoes on – in other words extremely difficult.

But I have reached the summit, I am exhausted but happy. I will post where you can find my novel in a later blog, I’m still in shock that my novel is for sale. I also want to thank the reader that has already bought my book. 🙂 Thank you so much for doing so!

I will blog again when I can think a little clearer and I will also post the updated release dates for L.J. Smith “Strange Fate” that I recently found out.

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