New Things I have learned

I started writing many moons ago and other than creating a book that means a lot, both to me and my family, I have also learnt a few things along the way that I don’t think I would of learnt if I have never picked up that pen all those moons ago. I love that aspect of writing, of learning new things and here is just a little list of what I have learnt while writing this book.

French Grammar
Writing & Publishing myths (I’ll write more on this at the end of this post)
Historic facts – such as transport, houses, etc…
Various aspects to formatting and design

Some of these things were surprising because I never thought I would learnt such varied topics. Such as Latin, if anyone had come to me in the past I told me I was going to learn anything to do with Latin I would of thought they were either crazy or drunk. So, it is surprising what you actually learn and sometimes you learn something and you don’t realize you did at the time.

Which nicely leads me to wanting plug a series of blog posts by Dean Wesley Smith, I came across his blog a couple of month’s ago and I am starting to look forward to new posts from him because it is definitively thought-provoking even though I don’t agree with everything he says, I feel better by reading his blog series called “Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing” which is a great read and I think that all writer’s should read it.

In other writing news, my editing is going well apart from I have marked a section to be edited and can’t remember why. *lol*

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