Author Spotlight: Kaitlyn Jane Mauro

I am pleased to present Kaitlyn Jane Mauro.

Who is Ms Kaitlyn Jane Mauro, I hear you cry. Well, Kaitlyn Jane Mauro recently published her first book, One Six Billionth, a work of creative nonfiction. She is now at work on her latest project, which is going to be complete fiction. Kaitlyn grew up in Western Pennsylvania as the second oldest of five children but has always longed for a more nomadic existence. Inspired by a childhood that included spending as much time in the library as possible, Kaitlyn loves books, language, and stories. She views writing as the natural next step for her, an organic progression branching from her love of reading. Her favorite books include Bird By Bird, Slaughterhouse Five, and Into the Wild. Kaitlyn is proud to have added the title ‘Indie Author’ to her list of accomplishments this past February. She aspires to see the world, speak several different languages, and continue writing for the rest of her life.

You can check out Kaitlyn’s interview with me over the weekend.

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