Cover Reveals, Strange Fate & Other News

I know that I haven’t been updating this blog regularly and I apologize for that, but things have been happening behind the scenes that have kept me from blogging.

One of the things is that Forgotten has been updated with over two thousands words added to the story. I will be contacting Amazon soon and hopefully they will make it possible for everyone that has already purchased a copy to be able to get the updated version. I will let everyone know when the update is available and how to get it.

Another new thing is that the book also has a new gorgeous cover (which you can see below). As much as I loved the original cover, I decided that something was missing so I hope that everyone adores the new cover as much as I do.


Speaking of new covers, here is a sneak peek at the cover of a Novelette that I will be releasing within the next six months (hopefully sooner). I will release more details regarding this project nearer to the time, although what I will say is that this Novelette is set in the same “world” as the In The Shadows series but is part of a separate series.


As you can see the series title is omitted from the cover. I will reveal that later along with other details (as I stated above).

Strange Fate News

I see in my stats that I get a lot of people searching for Strange Fate and the only news I have at the moment is that the paperback/hardback will be released in the UK, Canada, Germany & France on 31st December 2013. I searched for the availability in the US and the only date I got was 1st February 2014.

Anyway, this got me thinking; Would anyone be interested in a giveaway of Strange Fate in paperback along with some some other prize(s) early next year?

More details to come. 🙂

Other News

Last year I promised I would blog behind the scene posts and the next one up would have been about my werewolves. I apologize for this post never being posted but, due to unforeseen circumstances, I lost most of my notes regarding my werewolves family tree which is making it hard for me to do the post I originally wanted. At the moment, I am going back through the notes I have to recreate all the lost information. I am truly sorry if anyone was looking forward to that particular post but it will be posted as soon as I am able to, although I can’t give an expected date at this moment in time.

The moral to all this is always back up important information because it will save you hours of trying to look for it on your computer as well as a few sleepless nights.

Happy Reading!




Ebook price change & Shelfari

I had to change my planned post that I wanted to do on Thursday. That post will turn up but I am unsure when that will be, so, instead I am going to be talking about ebook prices and Shelfari.

When I say I am going to talk about ebook prices, I am actually referring to what I am pricing my books. On the 7th June, I uploaded my book and I priced it $3.99 or £2.79 (it was a little more due to tax) and I kept that price for two weeks. I know that two weeks isn’t really enough time to judge whether that price point was too high or not, but after my successful free promo through Select on the 18th June I decided to lower the price of my novel. The new price is as follows:

Amazon US – 99c ($1.21 if you live outside of the US)
Amazon UK – 77p
Amazon DE – €0.89
Amazon ES – €0.89
Amazon FR – €0.89
Amazon IT – €0.89

I will reassess this price point at the beginning of July but for the next week my book will be at this “sale” price. So grab a bargain while you can. 🙂


The “Big Reveal” Post

I haven’t posted anything in a while due to the fact that I have been busy editing my novel but a couple of days ago, I got my cover for my novel done and it it beautiful. So, I decided that it was about time to do the big reveal in regards to my YA paranormal novel which will hopefully be released by the end of the year or very early 2012. I would like to send a huge thank you to Tatiana at Vila Designs for knowing just what I wanted and bringing Katrina (my main character) to life. Words can not describe how much I love my cover and I will be doing snoopy dances for a long time to come.

So, without further ado here is my cover and blurb.

Sycamore Heights, where everyone keeps a deadly secret.

Katrina Harvey has just enrolled into the senior class of Sycamore Heights High along with her foster sister, Jessica Sinclair. Unfortunately Katrina is no ordinary enrollee as ten months previously she was brutally attacked and has been left with amnesia.

Almost a year after those horrific events took place Katrina is being stalked by someone, or something, who doesn’t want her to remember her past and will do anything to keep it that way.

Moving to a new town is never easy, as Suzanne Harvey is well aware, but focused on finding her older sister, Katrina, fate has led her to Sycamore Heights. Now, as Suzanne gets closer to revealing secrets from the past, someone from the present doesn’t like what she could unearth, even if that means they drive her to the brink of insanity to keep the secrets forgotten.

Book covers

Before anyone gets too excited I am not about to reveal my book cover for my YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy but I wish I could, I will talk more about that in later posts.

No, what I want to blog about today is… Have you ever found the perfect picture or portfolio of pictures only to find out that you can’t use them? Well, this happened to me around one hour ago and I saw a couple of pictures that would be ideal for future book covers. They were so beautiful and I checked out the price to get just to see much it would cost and I nearly died. The price for the license to use the photograph just for paperback alone was around £1208 ($1994) and that is just for one year.

The price is astounding to me and I can’t be the only one out there that feels this way or maybe I am. But I take away two things from this..

1) I have actually now seen a photograph of how I pictured one of my book covers to be, so hopefully I will one day find another.

2) God Bless, royalty free stock photography sites. 🙂

Also, because it is Easter and I love book covers, bunnies, awesome stuff. I give you the best book cover… EVER!

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