New Developments

Finally, things are coming together regarding the behind the scenes work that I need to do regarding my novels, and I am delighted to tell you that hopefully my website will be live a month before my book launch, and I love the design of it and I hope that you guys will love it too. I also want to thank my wonderful sister who is helping me with all this, she is the best!

Another new development that will come later this year is that my store will have at least two sections and maybe even three, I can’t really give much away now but I hope that everyone will like what I have planned.

One other thing that I want to blog about is that I have found out that when I buy a kindle book it is cheaper because I only pay vat (Value Added Tax) now on a book and not the whispernet $2.00 charge, so thank you Kindle you just keep on getting better and better.

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