September Sale Stats

It’s the second of the month which means that is is sale stats time. I thought that August was bad when I sold 25 copies but I can now say that September is my worst month so far. I’ve read on forums that sales should increase month on month but, in my case, the reverse is true. Is my little book that bad? Why can’t it find traction? I know people like it and are waiting patiently for “Masquerade” which will be the second book in the ITS series. So, blogland, what am I doing wrong? Are vampires & werewolves really hated and I just haven’t noticed?

I have faith in “Forgotten” and I believe it to be a good book (partly because of the positive reception I’ve received from some of the readers). I am so grateful to everyone that has so far bought it or had kind things to say, but when I look at my sales I sometimes wish that more people would give it a chance. Thank you to everyone that did!

Anyway, before I let too many negative thoughts creep in, it’s time to look at the numbers:

Amazon – 6
Amazon UK – 4

Total – 10

I also had a free promo on the 6th September and here are the results for that:

US – 206
UK – 76
DE – 7
IT – 1

Total – 290

As mentioned before, the amazing Flurries of Words & the-cheap.netare promoting Forgotten for the first week of October, so I hope that it will help get my novel noticed a bit more. Even if you already own my book I really would love it if you’d check out both websites as they’re fabulous for discovering indie authors like me.

*Blatant promo ahead*

FORGOTTEN is only 99c / 77p / 0.86€

Forgotten is a YA paranormal that revolves around two sisters. It has action, mystery, drama, vampires, werewolves, & even a cute fluffy bunny. What more could you ask for?

If you liked Fear Street or Point Horror  you’ll love this!

*End of blatant promo*

Finally, I want to end this post by wishing everyone a safe and happy October. It’s my birthday soon so I am heading off to go celebrate it. Here’s a slice of chocolate birthday cake so you can (virtually) celebrate with me!





Take care everyone!




August Stats, Free Ebook Day Announcement & Websites I Like

I have heard of the summer slump in regards to books but I didn’t really believe it until I looked at my numbers for last month. I can honestly say that August hasn’t been my month and it didn’t help that for most of the month I was ill so I couldn’t update here or on my Twitter or Facebook. It might seem like I am complaining but I’m not; I am very grateful for every one of my sales that I have gotten over the past three months. I can’t thank you all enough!

As it is a new month, I’ve decided to set a new price for “Forgotten” and you can check out the details on my site which can be found here. I also should mention that “Forgotten” is going free this Thursday 6th September for one day only.

I wish I could give everyone an update on the progress of “Masquerade” (ITS, Book Two), or even the status of when “Forgotten” may be in print, but alas all I can say is that I am working on both projects (and a few others beside) and for everyone to watch this space.


July Stats & Book Ideas

It’s that time again where I report my sales to those who are interested. Doesn’t the time go by quickly? It’s amazing that we’re already in August and only a week ago I read something about Christmas; in my opinion, it’s far too early to be thinking about that just yet… We have to get through summer first, then autumn, Halloween (or Samhain if you prefer), and Guy Fawkes Night. If you haven’t heard of the last one it’s otherwise known as Bonfire Night which is celebrated on the 5th November in some Commonwealth countries and, as I’m English, I will be celebrating along with everyone else… okay, you got me, the real reason I’m excited is because I like the family tradition of eating jacket potatoes with cheese on top, and hot dogs, and I love watching the firework displays. All of this to enjoy and celebrate before I can even think about Christmas, snowmen, or reindeers.


Stats for my Freebie Thursday promo

I’ll start by saying a big Thank You and Danke to all the people that downloaded my book on its free day! Like the previous free days, I’m going to discuss how my book did.

Here are the results:

[Screencaps to come]

Here are the numbers:

Amazon US – 377

Amazon UK – 28

Amazon DE – 3

Total – 408

I hope everyone that caught this free day enjoys Forgotten. It always means a lot to me that people are willing to take a chance on me. 🙂

Thursday was my least successful free day so far. Unfortunately, despite getting into a few top Amazon charts, this didn’t help me sell any copies on Friday. I’m slightly disappointed about that as I think free days are great promotional tools, but I’m also trying to look on the bright side.


My sale stats… Three Weeks In

I can’t believe that my first three weeks of being published is over. Just over three weeks ago I was terrified and I had doubts whether I was doing the right thing, but I have come to realize that the Indie route was the best decision I have made in regards to me and my writing.

It is also an exciting time to be an Indie author because just in the past week alone two news articles have come out about Amazon expanding. The articles can be found here and here.

But, to recap, the first article is about Kindle coming soon to Amazon Japan which can see by the screen cap below.

The second article is about how Amazon will be opening a Kindle only store this winter in Brazil.

I am not sure when KDP will open those channels to all authors but if I go out on a limb I predict that, if both Japan & Brazil Kindle stores open smoothly, KDP may roll those avenues to all authors by summer 2013. Also, while on the subject of international Amazon stores there are whisperings that some time in the not-too-distance future there could also be an Amazon India.

On to my first months numbers. When I tallied all my sales I was overjoyed, so thank you to everyone who has bought a copy! 🙂

June 2012 (6th June – 30th June)

Amazon US – 146 (5 borrows)

Amazon UK – 7

Total – 158 (including borrows)

So, I think that is a great start and it can only get better so thank you dear readers. 🙂

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