Oktoberfest Free Promo (29th -31st October 2012)

Oktoberfest Free Promo


To anyone that wants to read my novel but hasn’t got around to buying it yet, I just want to give you a heads up and say that between 29th – 31st October, Forgotten will be free. Please put it in your diaries and spread the word!

But, rather than just talk about my novel, I am going to do something a little different in this post because I would like to pay it forward and tell you about several other authors that have said that they are putting one of their books free as well. So, check out these books between Monday – Wednesday and grab any (or all) that you’re interested in.

Since this is my blog, I’m up first followed by the others that I know about:

Forgotten (In The Shadows, Book One) By Catherine Gardiner (4*Star Rating)

Wings of Shadow (The Underground Trilogy) By Anna Kyss (4.6* Star Rating)

Dollhouse (The Dollhouse Trilogy) By Anya Allyn  (4.5* Star Rating)

The Medium (Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Trilogy #1) By C.J. Archer (4.4* Star Rating)

No Shelter (#1) A Post-Apocalyptic Love Story (No Shelter Trilogy) By T.S. Welti (4.2* Star Rating)

Breathless: Book One of the Jason and Azazel Trilogy By V. J. Chambers (4* Star Rating)

I hope that you enjoy any of the above books you decide to download. Other than my own, which will be free on all Amazon Kindle Stores, I can’t guarantee the others that I have listed will be. I do apologize for any inconvenience caused in advance.

This week has had a couple of things happen that I think is great news, especially for authors and readers that use Kindle.

First up is the news that now the Japanese Amazon has its own Kindle Store. You can find my book here and it is currently priced at ¥100. Welcome to the Kindle family, Japan!

The second bit of news is that now, if you are a Prime member, you can borrow many titles (including mine) for a month for free if you’re in the UK, Germany or France. The benefit of Prime has been available in the US for a long time, but I think it’s marvelous that it’s being rolled out to other countries now.

Happy Reading and have a safe and joyful Halloween!




Free Book Time Again

Today & tomorrow, (25th & 26th July) my book is free (again). My posts recently seem to be me either announcing that I have a free book or doing the stat posts and I promise I will post more interesting stuff but this is still new and I am still feeling my way around. I suppose that is why I wanted to do this “Free Book Announcement” post a little differently, so I have decided that at the end of each of my posts I am going to put a random fact regarding my novels which will probably at some point be listed on a special section either on my website or this blog. I am doing this for two reasons: 1) I am hoping in the future when I am doing competitions and/or giveaways that the random facts I will be posting will be something like an Easter egg hunt where I will pose a question and then whoever is interested can go and search the archives to find the answer and then email me. When I’ve work out everything I’ll write a proper post about it, and 2) I am thinking that eventually my readers will want to know more about my books and this is a fun way for them to find out everything in little snippets about Sycamore Heights along with, in time, my future books.

Anyway, look out for the first random fact at the end of this post 🙂 and now on to more pressing matters. As I mentioned above, my book will be free and is available at all the Amazons linked below.


My sale stats… Three Weeks In

I can’t believe that my first three weeks of being published is over. Just over three weeks ago I was terrified and I had doubts whether I was doing the right thing, but I have come to realize that the Indie route was the best decision I have made in regards to me and my writing.

It is also an exciting time to be an Indie author because just in the past week alone two news articles have come out about Amazon expanding. The articles can be found here and here.

But, to recap, the first article is about Kindle coming soon to Amazon Japan which can see by the screen cap below.

The second article is about how Amazon will be opening a Kindle only store this winter in Brazil.

I am not sure when KDP will open those channels to all authors but if I go out on a limb I predict that, if both Japan & Brazil Kindle stores open smoothly, KDP may roll those avenues to all authors by summer 2013. Also, while on the subject of international Amazon stores there are whisperings that some time in the not-too-distance future there could also be an Amazon India.

On to my first months numbers. When I tallied all my sales I was overjoyed, so thank you to everyone who has bought a copy! 🙂

June 2012 (6th June – 30th June)

Amazon US – 146 (5 borrows)

Amazon UK – 7

Total – 158 (including borrows)

So, I think that is a great start and it can only get better so thank you dear readers. 🙂

Forgotten going free (Monday 18th June only)

I know that this is late notice but tomorrow (18th June 2012) my novel, Forgotten, will be free on Kindle through all Amazons for one day only. I decided late Saturday night to make it free and like I said in a previous post I will report back any stats sometime Tuesday.

But don’t worry if you miss tomorrow’s “Monday Freebie” as there will be others throughout the summer. I also want to mention that I am in the Kindle lending library so if you’re in the US, and you are a prime member, you can borrow my book for free.

Here are the links to the various Amazons again. Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain & Amazon Italy.

Now, on to something I should have mentioned last week but clean forgot and that is that I have a beautiful new website, available to view at Catherine Gardiner. I hope that you pop over, take a look around, and stay a while. 🙂

And lastly, next week (probably Thursday) I have a special post. Now, I don’t want to disappoint anyone as it’s probably just me getting over excited over nothing, but some of you might find the post interesting. 🙂

Another Update!

I think it is time for an update, which I know I suck at doing, but I have been busy editing and writing so please forgive me for not doing one sooner.

Today, I want to talk about what is and what might have been. When I was younger I wanted to be a showjumper. I adored horses (and I still do) and thought that I could do something I love and be around one of my favourite animals all day long, but events decided that wasn’t the right path that my life would take.

Now, fast forward to the present. I find it fitting that my debut novel will be released this year, the same year that I probably would have qualified for this years Olympics had I been able to pursue my first dream.

I read recently this quote: “Are we programmed to go into a certain job, to make a certain decision at 32 that will lead to something that happens at 35 … is everything pre-programmed for us in life?” and it’s true in my case. Something that happened years before I had even thought of writing a novel changed the course that my life would take and if anyone had said that I would be a writer and be in the position I am in now I would have thought they were crazy and just rolled my eyes. But maybe, just maybe, everything that has happened in my life happened to lead me to this point and it is only now that I can look back and be thankful. Sometimes hindsight is a beautiful thing.

‘Forgotten’ has literally been years in the making and, if you excuse the showjumping term, I only have two fences to go before I clear my round, which in novel terms means I only have a little formatting involving indents to do and another read-through before ‘Forgotten’ finally goes to the ebook formatter.

It is so close now and I cannot wait until everyone else gets to read the novel that has been a part of my life for so long!

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