September Sale Stats

It’s the second of the month which means that is is sale stats time. I thought that August was bad when I sold 25 copies but I can now say that September is my worst month so far. I’ve read on forums that sales should increase month on month but, in my case, the reverse is true. Is my little book that bad? Why can’t it find traction? I know people like it and are waiting patiently for “Masquerade” which will be the second book in the ITS series. So, blogland, what am I doing wrong? Are vampires & werewolves really hated and I just haven’t noticed?

I have faith in “Forgotten” and I believe it to be a good book (partly because of the positive reception I’ve received from some of the readers). I am so grateful to everyone that has so far bought it or had kind things to say, but when I look at my sales I sometimes wish that more people would give it a chance. Thank you to everyone that did!

Anyway, before I let too many negative thoughts creep in, it’s time to look at the numbers:

Amazon – 6
Amazon UK – 4

Total – 10

I also had a free promo on the 6th September and here are the results for that:

US – 206
UK – 76
DE – 7
IT – 1

Total – 290

As mentioned before, the amazing Flurries of Words & the-cheap.netare promoting Forgotten for the first week of October, so I hope that it will help get my novel noticed a bit more. Even if you already own my book I really would love it if you’d check out both websites as they’re fabulous for discovering indie authors like me.

*Blatant promo ahead*

FORGOTTEN is only 99c / 77p / 0.86€

Forgotten is a YA paranormal that revolves around two sisters. It has action, mystery, drama, vampires, werewolves, & even a cute fluffy bunny. What more could you ask for?

If you liked Fear Street or Point Horror  you’ll love this!

*End of blatant promo*

Finally, I want to end this post by wishing everyone a safe and happy October. It’s my birthday soon so I am heading off to go celebrate it. Here’s a slice of chocolate birthday cake so you can (virtually) celebrate with me!





Take care everyone!




October on Books & Bites

In a couple of days it will be October, and for me it is a special month due to the fact that it starts with my birthday and ends with Halloween (Samhain). So, in honor of this great month, I am kicking things off by running a promo on two wonderful sites.

The first promo starts today (29th September), and runs until the 7th October, with the most awesome Flurries of Words Blog.

Flurries of Words Twitter

Flurries of Words Facebook

You can find my book on Flurries of Words here.

My second promo is with that will take place on one of their Facebook pages. I am unsure which one so here are all the pages.

Cheap e-reads

Authors on the Cheap

Speaking of Facebook, my Official page now has over 55 Likes! Thank you to everyone that made that happen. I’m so happy that people took the time to do that. I also want to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who subscribed to this blog, liked my posts, or left a comment. It really means so much to me.

Sticking with thoughts about my blog, I have what I hope to be some great posts lined up over the next month. To whet your appetite, here is the schedule.

1st October – September Stats post

11th / 13th October – Mystery post #1

20th October – Mystery post #2

31st October – Behind the Scenes: Werewolves

I hope that you will all join me in celebrating the very special month of October.

Take care, stay safe & be happy.


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