Stats for my Freebie Thursday promo

I’ll start by saying a big Thank You and Danke to all the people that downloaded my book on its free day! Like the previous free days, I’m going to discuss how my book did.

Here are the results:

[Screencaps to come]

Here are the numbers:

Amazon US – 377

Amazon UK – 28

Amazon DE – 3

Total – 408

I hope everyone that caught this free day enjoys Forgotten. It always means a lot to me that people are willing to take a chance on me. 🙂

Thursday was my least successful free day so far. Unfortunately, despite getting into a few top Amazon charts, this didn’t help me sell any copies on Friday. I’m slightly disappointed about that as I think free days are great promotional tools, but I’m also trying to look on the bright side.

After my first free day, Amazon had a problem and ended up giving me another free day as an apology. Thursdays free day wasn’t originally meant to exist! This means that anything in connection with it can only be seen as a bonus.

I also know that I changed my price since the other free days, and now it’s a little less of an impulse buy. I’m still experimenting with prices and seeing what works for me, my novel, and the people that want to buy it. Speaking of which, I lowered the price again today. I feel like my old price was a little high and I’ve been regretting it all week. I apologise if I’m making people dizzy! I hope the new price will help it sell better, but I won’t know until I’ve given it a chance.

Perhaps I could have done more marketing. I did post about it on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and my website was updated, but unless people are specifically visiting that day or at that time then they won’t have seen it. Writing comes from my heart, and actually publishing my book wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, but promoting is not a strength of mine. I can learn from this and try and do more next time, but talking about myself and asking people I don’t know to buy my book is my kryptonite.

I should also consider that maybe Thursday isn’t a great freebie day. I didn’t do much more promotion on either of the other free days, but a Monday and Wednesday shifted more copies in 4 different countries. It could be the day of the week, or because I did it in the middle of the month, or maybe July just isn’t as popular for free ebooks as other months, I have no idea. What works for one author and book won’t always work for another.

What I do know though is that, although my book didn’t do as well as previously, it did well on its own merit. I’m still a debut author finding her feet and, despite a few missteps, I think I’m doing okay and I wouldn’t be able to say that if it wasn’t for my visitors and readers. Thank you all so much!


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