My sale stats… Three Weeks In

I can’t believe that my first three weeks of being published is over. Just over three weeks ago I was terrified and I had doubts whether I was doing the right thing, but I have come to realize that the Indie route was the best decision I have made in regards to me and my writing.

It is also an exciting time to be an Indie author because just in the past week alone two news articles have come out about Amazon expanding. The articles can be found here and here.

But, to recap, the first article is about Kindle coming soon to Amazon Japan which can see by the screen cap below.

The second article is about how Amazon will be opening a Kindle only store this winter in Brazil.

I am not sure when KDP will open those channels to all authors but if I go out on a limb I predict that, if both Japan & Brazil Kindle stores open smoothly, KDP may roll those avenues to all authors by summer 2013. Also, while on the subject of international Amazon stores there are whisperings that some time in the not-too-distance future there could also be an Amazon India.

On to my first months numbers. When I tallied all my sales I was overjoyed, so thank you to everyone who has bought a copy! 🙂

June 2012 (6th June – 30th June)

Amazon US – 146 (5 borrows)

Amazon UK – 7

Total – 158 (including borrows)

So, I think that is a great start and it can only get better so thank you dear readers. 🙂


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  1. I think you did great and I’m so pleased you had so many sales! I know how hard you’ve worked on this and it’s so very important to me that you do well. For your first month, when you’re finding your feet and testing the waters, I think it’s brilliant.

    Every single person who bought, borrowed, or downloaded a free copy (wherever you are from), thank you! Every single one is another than helps an author like Catherine know this was all worth it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did too. 🙂

    As to the other news, that’s very good to hear for not only Indie (or tradionally published) authors, but the consumers of those countries. I hope they all take off and are embraced as they have been at other places.

    Once again, so proud of you!

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