Ebook price change & Shelfari

I had to change my planned post that I wanted to do on Thursday. That post will turn up but I am unsure when that will be, so, instead I am going to be talking about ebook prices and Shelfari.

When I say I am going to talk about ebook prices, I am actually referring to what I am pricing my books. On the 7th June, I uploaded my book and I priced it $3.99 or £2.79 (it was a little more due to tax) and I kept that price for two weeks. I know that two weeks isn’t really enough time to judge whether that price point was too high or not, but after my successful free promo through Select on the 18th June I decided to lower the price of my novel. The new price is as follows:

Amazon US – 99c ($1.21 if you live outside of the US)
Amazon UK – 77p
Amazon DE – €0.89
Amazon ES – €0.89
Amazon FR – €0.89
Amazon IT – €0.89

I will reassess this price point at the beginning of July but for the next week my book will be at this “sale” price. So grab a bargain while you can. 🙂

My second topic is Shelfari.

What is Shelfari?

From the Shelfari website: Shelfari is a gathering place for authors, aspiring authors, publishers, and readers, and has many tools and features to help these groups connect with each other in a fun and engaging way.

If you are interested you can view my book page here.


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  1. Bargain! 🙂 If I hadn’t already got my copy I’d have snapped it up at this price. I hope you do well with it!

    I recently joined Shelfari, but I know I’ve read far more than I can remember reading. And dates? Apart from yours because I read it so quickly after buying it, I have absolutely no idea when I finished what, lol. It seems cool though. I will have to write a review of your book on there soon!

  2. When will u have the second book out I love ur books

  3. Suzanne – I did do okay at that price point but I am currently experimenting. At the moment I am happy with how everything is going, though. I think what I love the most in regards to my writing is the freedom I have. I have to say that I do like Shelfari more than Goodreads; I am not saying Goodreads is bad but it is just not for me.

    Chrissy – Sorry it has taken me a while to respond to you, but thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for leaving me a sweet comment. 🙂 As to your question, there will be a second book but as to when it will be out to buy, at this moment in time I can only say “Watch This Space”. I apologize for being vague but it is taking longer than I thought to complete it. But I can give you an exclusive scoop and tell you that book two will be called “Masquerade”.

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