My Novel: Sneak Peak

I have thought long and hard whether or not to do this post because I few things have come up recently regarding to BTS stuff in connection with my writing but then I thought that I should focus on the good. So, I am grabbing this little bit of happiness after the recent upset.

To give full disclosure, the title to this blog may be a little misleading but that depends on how to view it. This post is connected to my novel or rather a certain element in my novel.

When it comes to my novel(s) I am a little on the obsessive side when it comes to the research because I want (or at least like) everything to be perfect. So, while I write I also do my research or in this particular case, design something.

I know why would I have to design to anything? I am a writer, right? Well, yes, I would like to think I am or at least trying to be a writer and so to help me along with anyone else who maybe interested I designed the cheerleading uniforms that some of my characters wear throughout the series.

Before I post the pictures for you to see I do have to say that I am proud of these designs and I hope that one day I will be able to have them made so that if any fans of my novels would like to, they can buy them and be apart of my series world.

Without further ado here are the designs and I hope that you like them.

The Before Design

The After Design

The Mistake Design

So, now you know three things about my novels…

1) It involves cheerleaders
2) What the cheerleading uniforms look like
3) What the school teams are called

Go Wolves!


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  1. Yay for sneak peaks! 😀

    I have to say I really like all the designs and colour choices, and I think one day having cheerleading outfits that tie in with your novel that readers can buy is a great idea! I am a huge fan of the name too, go Wolves!!!

    We discussed your concerns in private and I’m glad it didn’t stop you from updating your blog and won’t deter you from future plans – like you said to me, things happen for a reason so this is just a stumbling block if you ask me!

    P.S. – Like my Gravatar?

  2. Hopefully my next sneak peak will be a big one, even though this one isn’t exactly a small fry.

    Thank you I still need to see the design on a different computer so I can check out the colours because my laptop might not show them properly. I have always want to sell certain items that are connected to my novels so I do hope one days that is a possibilities.

    Yeah, I know but sometimes it is hard I just have to always look for that silver lining.

    Your new gravatar is so adorable.

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