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Before anyone gets too excited I am not about to reveal my book cover for my YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy but I wish I could, I will talk more about that in later posts.

No, what I want to blog about today is… Have you ever found the perfect picture or portfolio of pictures only to find out that you can’t use them? Well, this happened to me around one hour ago and I saw a couple of pictures that would be ideal for future book covers. They were so beautiful and I checked out the price to get just to see much it would cost and I nearly died. The price for the license to use the photograph just for paperback alone was around £1208 ($1994) and that is just for one year.

The price is astounding to me and I can’t be the only one out there that feels this way or maybe I am. But I take away two things from this..

1) I have actually now seen a photograph of how I pictured one of my book covers to be, so hopefully I will one day find another.

2) God Bless, royalty free stock photography sites. 🙂

Also, because it is Easter and I love book covers, bunnies, awesome stuff. I give you the best book cover… EVER!

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  1. Wow, that really is expensive! I don’t really know the going rate for book covers and of course the people that make them deserve to set the price at whatever they wish, but still… :/ I guess the cost is worth it if you know for sure that it’s a small percentage of what you can make back though.

    Also Happy Easter and I love that book cover – very fitting for the holiday and so right for all the wrong reasons… genius!

  2. The price I quoted is the norm for high end book cover design, like, Random House, etc… but actually this is the photographer that priced these photographs I believe. And I agree with you that it would be a small price if you knew that your book was going to sale. Just doing a quick work out in my head I would have to sale at least 10,000 books to break even but I would have pay out that every year that my book was on sale.

    Happy Easter to you also and I knew you would love that book cover. 🙂

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