Writing Progress & Stats

This post is all about my writing progress and stats, hence, the subject title.

Number of WIP’s: Too many, okay, from plotting to actual finished, around eight
Number of WIP’s Finished: One, and I am editing that now, got around another twelve chapters to go
WIP’s (Stand alone or series): Apart the non-fiction most of the novels are part of a series I am planning, all other works would probably have a sequel or be part of a trilogy
 Type of Novels I write: Apart from two non-fiction books all my other WIP’s are YA Urban Fantasy/Supernatural/Paranormal

Type of Novels/Books I read: Like above YA Urban Fantasy/Supernatural/Paranormal but I also like to read classics like Wuthering Heights or real-life books on the Titanic.


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  1. Fascinating stuff! Thanks for sharing!

    Can you explain what the numbers on the tickers mean please? I understand what you wrote (wow, that’s a lot you’re working on!) but I’m afraid I don’t get what it means on the tickers… I’m slow, lol.

  2. The number on the ticker mean the goal I have set like 75,000 words and the other numbers means how much I have actually written.

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