Fancy Fonts

Over the past few months I have had to research various aspects f publishing since I am going Indie and over the course of this adventure I will be blogging about certain stages that take my interest. So , today I want to talk about fonts.

Before I started all this I have to admit that I didn’t give typography much thought other than some were pretty and others plain, I also noticed on the copyright page of certain books next to the word “typography” words that, at the time didn’t understand what they meant not realizing that they were font naes. Well, lerning all about fonts is interesting and I have already decided which font I will use for my paperbacks which I will talk about nearer the time of release.

Anyway, in my search of the perfect font I came across these gorgeous fonts that I just had to share.














Monotype Corsiva




These are known as script fonts and are normally used for invitations. I really like the calligraphy feel to these four fonts an for short sections I think would do well in a novel, especially if you want to use a calligraphy effect but these wouldn’t work for all genres but if you want a good, flowing, romantic effect the you should check out some script fonts.

So, which is your favourite?


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  1. I like them all but I think my favourite is Monotype Corsiva. Not sure why other than it’s instantly clear what I’m reading. They would all suit the right kind of novel though, I agree.

  2. I love Edwardian Script, it’s so beautiful.

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