Nokia E63 Review

In my previous post mentioned that I had received Nokia E63 phone for my birthday last Saturday and now I have had time to get used to it, here are my thoughts.

This phone is by far the best phone I had every used and one of the easiest, my only bugbear with it is that it takes a little longer to turn on than my previous phones but that is only a small gripe especially when I think of all the pluses. So, what are the good points, well, I think I would bore you if I listed them all so I am going to pick my top four features.

1) Flashlight – I have never had a phone with this feature before and it definitely comes in handy now that the nights are drawing in, the light is also powerful so you can where you’re going.

2) Text/Email – This phone has a qwerty keyboard so writing texts and emails are a snap and it is so easy to check emails. Also, the alerts are loud enough so you hear them but discreet enough if the using another feature on the phone.

3) Camera – The camera is 2 megapixels and for me personally the quality is clear. Here is a photograph of my dog that I took using the camera.

4) Radio – The radio is clear and when you get text it doesn’t interfere with the music has only a light flashes to let you know.

Also, today Amazon UK made it so that UK authors for the Kindle can get 70% of royalties.

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  1. Nice review, I hope this means you’ll write one for the Kindle 3 when you’ve had a chance to play with it a bit. 🙂

    I’m always researching mobiles and I read that the camera wasn’t that great on this one, but all sample pictures and the photo you uploaded point to the contrary! Maybe I don’t see what other people see…

    Great news about Amazon UK author royalties!

  2. Yes, I will hopefully doing a Kindle review next week.

    I think the camera is great and like you I don’t see anything wrong with the quality.

    Yes, I know Amazon are truly the greatest!

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