The Joys Of Kindle

Last week I was lucky enough to win an Amazon Kindle 2 (global edition) on Ebay and I have to say that I adore it. I can’t do everything, well, to be honest I haven’t tried but the device I bought has a wonky screen but other than that it is prefect and was a bargain at $80.

So far I have downloaded 3 samples, 2 novels and 1 novella. I have to admit that I thought it was mostly hype about the Kindle and I tend to avoid anything that is surrounded by lots of hype but I decided to take the plunge because I am considering using Kindle (well, the DTP) for my books and what I have seen so far has truly impressed me.

I am also looking into maybe one day getting an Apple Ipad and that is a big step because I just don’t see the appeal of Apple products ( and I am not saying they are bad but just not for me) and I m bias because I loathe touchscreen.

I never thought that I would love my Kindle as much as I do, it is truly awesome.

So, thank you Amazon for bringing a wonderful device to the market.

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  1. Now that I’ve seen one up close I think the Kindle is a great device, as I’m sure its competitors are too (but I have no experience with them so can’t comment). I’m not sure what I thought it would be like, but the screen is bigger for a start and it seems easy enough to use.

    Like you I’ve not really thought about Apple products much before, but the iPad does intrigue me. I have no problem with touchscreens but my initial reaction was “overgrown iPhone, I don’t want one of them so why would I want this?”. After watching a review on a technology tv show though I have to admit my opinion has swayed a bit!

    Whatever a persons preference though I think it’s great that more devices are being released that have the ability to store and let you read ebooks on them. These devices have been around for years, but finally the tech behind them is making them more appealing to more people than ever before. It can only be a good thing for digital print!

  2. Suzanne – I can’t say how much I love my little Kindle, it is dinky, cute and truly amazing. i think everyone should have one. 🙂

    Yeah, the Kindle 2 has a 6″ screen but the Kindle DX is even bigger with a 9″ screen and one thing that I also love is that it is wireless so I click buy on Amazon (or the Kindle) and the book is there, it says around a minute but all the books I have got have come quicker that that.

    Yeah, the Gadget show review swayed it for me regarding the Ipad, I will never love or except touchscreen but when it comes to the Ipad I am willing to compromise. But that might be because I can get an app from the Kindle for it, I did read tonight that the Ipad will be release in the UK (and eight other countries) on the 28th May and will be priced around £459 (I am going the stalk Ebay and hopefully pick up a bargain) on the same day the Ibookstore will open too.

    I think the only two other e-readers out at the moment that I would consider is the BeBook or the Cool-er.

  3. I knew the iPad was going to be pricy. It will probably be quite a while before it comes down any. I wonder if it will spark rival products. Admittedly, there are internet tablets but the iPad brings it to a whole new level.

    I’ve heard of the Cool-er, but not the BeBook.

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