Marketing101: Top Tips

As part of my Marketing101 blog posts, I am going to do a mini series called “top tips.”

This series probably won’t be a regular occurrence but more a case of of a couple of post per month.

So, to kick off this series my first top tip is:

1. P.O. Boxes

I think anyone who writes should think about getting a P.O. Box but you may be asking yourself the following questions; What is a P.O. Box? Where do I get one from? How much do they cost? Why should get one?

What is a P. O. Box?
PO Box stands for post office box is a service you can buy or rent that allows you to collect your mail from your local postal service office, instead of having it delivered. But in the UK, for an extra charge they will deliver your contents of your PO Box to your home address.

Where do I get one from?
It depends on whether you want to use a private company or your own mail service provider. Below I will post links on how to order from your own country mail service provider.

New Zealand

*note: I have only listed the ones I could find, I did try and look for PO Boxes in Italy & France but even with Google translate because of the language barrier my searches were kind of fruitless. So, I suggest you go your local post office and ask.

How much do they cost?
It varies. Because you can rent them monthly or yearly, I have seen them as little as $12 (which I am assume is per month) to $175.

Why should get one?
There are a number of reasons why you should get one; privacy, convenience, flexibly. But the biggest reason why a writer should get one is…

Fan Mail.

In a world that is full of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace), sometimes we forget that not everyone is connected to the web and doesn’t have access to the Internet. Also, you shouldn’t let an avenue pass you by because you think it might be invalid. Keep all your options open. Some might be thinking but your fans need the Internet to buy your book because aren’t Indies not stocked in book stores? Well, that may be the case and your book isn’t stocked in stores but it can be ordered from book stores or it can be given as a gift, won in a competition, seen at a Library.

Just keep all your options open and I hope that you find this top tip helpful.

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  1. I think this is a great tip! Not only is it more private but imagine sacks of mail arriving all the time at your home address?

    Looking forward to future top tips!

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