Marketing101: Design Your Own Merchandise

Yesterday, I blogged about the start of my journey to the promised land. i.e. My novel been published.

Today, I am going to blog about something I am doing that hopefully will help me later after the book is published. It is kind of like preemptive strike in the marketing war, that is I am going to design my own jewelery, pens, t-shirts, etc… that will go on sale a couple of month’s before the book is released but the great thing is that it will either be inspired by the book/characters or it will be direct promotion for the book.

I, personally, think the best place of doing this is Vistaprint which is global and a great plus it that you can pay by Paypal. Then all you do then is make a shop on Ebay to sell your stuff. Granted, some might think that this might be a bit of a hassle but if you are already an Indie Author then what is another a couple of hours a week to do this. Also, there is a upfront monetary cost but you could easily make that back if you do you sums right.

For example:

Say you design a T-Shirt that works out that you have to pay $9.99 (which I know sounds a lot) but if put that same T-Shirt on Ebay for $10.99 and you charge say a dollar more for shipping (after you have worked that out) you have already got $2.00 profit. Which can’t be sneezed at, can it?

Sure you can use companies like Cafepress or Zazzle but there charge more for the item before you add on your royalties.

Here is just a small selection of what you could use to promote/market your book;

* Mugs
* Notebooks
* T-Shirts
* Cotton Bags
* Pens
* Luggage Tags
* Sticky Notes
* Mouse Mats
* Magnets
* Calendars
* Invitations and Announcements
* Caps
* Pet Gifts
* Custom Buttons
* Teddy Bears
* Keyrings
* Weekly Planner

Sure, you won’t get rich but what is more important. You seeing someone wearing the T-shirt you designed or you not bothering in the first place because it costs money upfront and it is too much hassle? I know which I would choose.


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  1. I think it’s worth having your merchandise out there as long as you can be realistic about how much you’ll make. I think your feet are firmly on the ground in that respect.

    Of course it would be nice to make loads of money, but a small profit and the knowledge that people like what you’ve put the work into is worth giving it a go. I wish you the best of luck!

    *Your biggest fan!*

  2. Suzanne – Your concern is sweet but I think and like I said in my post, you shouldn’t do this to make money. You should do this because it may help in a small way in market your book/novel.

    Thanks for the luck! 🙂

  3. very cool tips.

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