Author Spotlight: Stefanie Ellis

I am pleased to present, Stefanie Ellis.

Who is Ms Stefanie Ellis, I hear you cry. Well, Stefanie Ellis is a talented author of “Ashes”; an thrilling novel of love, vampires, and a search for the truth.

Stefanie Ellis has lived in the same, small, California town for most of her life, and never knew she wanted to be a writer until one day she had an epiphany that she could write a novel. Her first novel was published in September 2008 with “Ashes” following soon after.

Read her exclusive interview with me about “Ashes” and what she has next in the pipeline, on Friday 13th February 2009.

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  1. would love to know when ruins is to be released? cant find a date anywhere!

  2. Hello Harri,

    I know that you replied to my other post regarding Stefanie’s books and I did try to email her but I got no reply and her website seems to be down. I really wish that I had better news for you but I think it is doubtful that “Ruins” will be released any time soon but if she does ever release “Ruins” then I promise that I will blog about it and give you link on where to buy.

    Take Care.

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