Writing101: My favourite writing related websites

All the sites I will be talking about in this post will also be linked on my blogroll.

First, I have to talk about is Fantastic Fiction. This site any book/author that you could want but I haven’t found any POD/self-published books/authors on there (and I have looked)… I have used this site in the past and around 3/4 of the books I own are because of this website. You can search by author, book title or even book series.

So, this website is a definite must if you want to know or find a book from your favourite author.

Lulu Titlescorer – This is a fun site where you can input your book title and it will give you a percentage on whether it will be a bestseller.

Writing-World – A great source of writing-related articles and you can find how-to articles on all aspects of writing from setting and plotting a story to finding an agent & getting published. Some great POD articles too.

Fiction Factor – A site with loads of interesting & helpful articles for writers. You can even sign up for a free monthly newsletter full of writing tips.

Horror Factor – As above but with loads of interesting & helpful articles for horror writers. You can even sign up for a free monthly newsletter full of writing tips.

Ebay – Now, most people probably wouldn’t think that Ebay could be writing related and I probably would also put this in any book promotion post I may write in the future. But the reason why this is one of my favourite sites is because it is great for research and in the past I have bought books on the supernatural (vampires, werewolves, ghosts) that I don’t think I would of found otherwise.

The Fantasy Novel Exam – Another fun site where by answering some question will let you know whether you should continue of fantasy novel. This website is just for fun and no-one should take offense to it’s contents.

I hope that you liked my first post in my writing101 series.

Take Care!

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